Buying A Home …?

A Home Check Inspection & Home Systems Warranty make life … easier!

For over 30 years Home Check has been examining homes for Buyers here in Victoria. We wanted to do more to reduce your house buying worries.

So we have have been certified as Approved Warranty Inspectors (AWI) and teamed up with Home Systems Warranty & TRISURA GUARANTEE INSURANCE COMPANY, to bring you a new level of comfort in buying a home.

A Home Check Inspection & Home Systems Warranty will qualify for a Discount from the Warranty Provider if you mention you had an inspection through Home Check.

Every Home Buyer knows the nagging feeling, the worry that maybe there is something hidden that is going to cost a fortune to fix the moment you move in. Home Buyers who hire us can now get a Home Systems Warranty at a discount by mentioning their Home Inspection with Home Check. We have no interest or any financial gain in this arrangement, our priority is in our Client’s best interest.

GOLD Home Systems Warranty.
For up to 3 years after closing a Home Warranty helps pay
for up to $10,000. per year in repairs to the following areas:

  • Hot Water Tank
    Leaking Tank & Valves
    Elements & Thermostat

  • Emergency Plumbing
    Burst Pipes
    Blocked Sewer

  • Roof Leaking

  • Central Heating Repairs
    Furnace or Boiler
    Heat Ducts

  • Electrical Malfunctions
    Interior Wiring (including knob & tube repairs)
    Breaker or Fuse Panel
    Switches & Receptacle

  • And more… you can add appliance coverage too click here for list of Warranty options

PREMIUM Coverage including 11 permanent and semi-permanent appliances.
add a Second & Third Year of coverage

Home Check is an Approved Warranty Inspector.
You are pre-approved for coverage along with your inspection