We also provide interpretation and analysis of a Strata’s Depreciation Report. When providing this service, it is helpful to have the latest Financial Statement of the Strata and the AGM minutes of the Strata Corporation. This helps us to see the financial direction that the Strata is following and how they are reacting to Capital Cost Projections in the Depreciation Report. We will phone the client to verbally describe and answer questions about the Depreciation Report Financial Scenarios and implications, then follow that up with a written interpretation and analysis of our own. The cost currently for this service is $300.00 + GST.

When doing a strata unit inspection we do this in 3 parts,┬áinspect the unit, have a general look at the building, and verbally describe the Financial Scenario Projections of the Depreciation Report. Any major discrepancies noted between the Depreciation Report Projections and the actual on-site visual of the Capital Asset’s condition and possible implications are also described. The cost currently for this service is between $469.00 to $499.00 + GST (dependent on size of the unit)

The interpretation and analysis of the Depreciation Report and Financial documents are all done in the office by Russell Cass who is a Registered Reserve Fund Analyst (RRFA), Certified Building Technician (CTech) and Certified Property Inspector (CPI) registered with Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C. (ASTTBC). The inspectors will have the office copy of the Depreciation Report interpretation and analysis that they have discussed with Russell Cass in the office prior to the physical inspection.
Our other 2 inspectors, Eric Ponsford and Don Shaw, are Certified House Inspectors (CHI) registered with Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of B.C. (ASTTBC) and are both are in the process of acquiring the designation of Certified Building Technician (CTech).